Det mest korrekta jag läst på länge:

Its another sleepless night. You come home from a long day and all you want to do is knockout. Your body is trying to tell you that you’re exhausted, but you try to deny it. You want to go to sleep more than anything, but for some reason you just can’t. So instead you look for every possible excuse to stay up. Only because you know that the moment you rest your head on that soft pillow of yours, all the thoughts that you have been trying to avoid throughout the day, suddenly find a way back to you. Even the type of things that never mattered come to mind. And that person you promised yourself you would edit out of your mind, you start to miss them more than ever. No matter how bad they hurt you. You start to think about how your day was, but it was no different than the day before that. Then you start to think about how your day will be tomorrow since your going to be tired if you don’t fall asleep now.

Instead you catch yourself staring at that the ceiling. You decide to sleep on your left side and hug a pillow, pretending that it’s the person you want to be with the most. Then about ten seconds later, you’re sleeping on your stomach. After that you’re sleeping on your right side and the next thing you know, you’re laying on your back again, staring at the ceiling. You toss and turn so much that you suddenly start to sweat a little. And you find yourself waking up in the middle of the night just to check what time it is. When you finally do fall asleep, it’s a brand new day and you have to wake up in a couple of hours. Then you get out of bed and you feel like shit. And when someone asks why you look so tired, you don’t know what to say to them. It was just another sleepless night.



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